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Here’s all the links to the resources to make more great stuff. I’ll keep updating this page and link to more ideas and tips for your miniature beach.

Resources and Links

Where to buy miniature bottles for your message in a bottle

How to make a lifeguard stand (coming soon)

How to make miniature magazines (translated to English) – print this 1:6 scale project at 50% to make 1:12 scale

How to make ice


How to make soda cans

How to make a firepit (coming soon)

How to make miniature hot dogs

How to make miniature toasted marshmallows & s’mores

How to make miniature tropical drinks (coming soon)

How to make a beach surf shop (coming soon)

How to make resin water (coming soon)

How to make driftwood

Where to buy miniature fences

How to make “sea glass” to represent your water

Where to buy “water”

Crushed Glass Water | Lush Little Landscapes
IKEA has crushed glass in their plants/decor section of the store called Kulort for $2.99 – the light blue makes great sparkling water.

Other online vendors for crushed glass:

Crushed Glass
Crushed Glass Clear
Crushed Glass Turquoise
Crushed Glass Turquoise
Pearlized Glass
Pearlized Glass
Blue Glass
Blue Glass


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